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AFTER HOURS NUMBER  1-888-263-3370

If you believe your debit card has been lost or stolen, please gives us a call any time at 1-888-263-3370. You will need your name as it appears on  your card or on your account and indicate Alva State Bank & Trust Company as the issuing bank, regardless of which branch you bank from. If you suspect fraud during our normal banking hours, please call your local branch immediately. 


If fraudulent debit card transaction is suspected on Alva State Bank account, you may receive a call from a TRANSFUND SecurLock analyst on the Bank's behalf to verify the transaction(s) as yours. This company is employed by the Bank to help monitor and stop suspicious debit card activity. The number shown on your caller ID will be 1-855-961-1602. The fraud analyst will identify who you are using your mother's maiden name and your date of birth. If you do not answer the call they will leave a  message and a toll free number. It's important to call them back quickly, as your debit card may be locked due to the suspected fraud. If your phone number provided is a cell phone, you will recieve a text alerting you of potential fraud and allowing you the opportunity to text back a response. 

If your card has been blocked due to suspicious transactions, the analyst will be able to review the transactions with you. If you are able to identify the transactions, they will unblock your card. For this reason it is very important to keep your mobile and home phone numbers current with the Bank as these are the numbers that will be used to contact you. You may also call your local branch to assist you with unblocking your card.

If it is outside of normal banking hours and you need to report fraudulent activity on your account please call our SecurLock department at 1-855-961-1602. They will need your 16 digit card number. The SecurLock analyst will not be able to assit you with raising or lowering your debit card limit. 


To help safegard your account against possible fraud,  consider downloading the SecurLock Equip app in the App Store or Google Play to take control of your debit card. This app will allow you to view transactions, check your balance, set safeguarding parameters, set notification preferences and turn your card on and off. This is an easy way to stop fraud  as soon as you get a notification of something suspicious. For more information, visit our services page or call 1-800-259-2582.

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