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Alva State Bank & Trust Company Account Fees, effective May 1, 2020

Additional charges may apply to accounts when an electronic fund transfer would cause the account to exceed its withdrawal limitations. The Bank reserves the right to make future changes in Deposit account "and/or Card(s) service charges, subject to our giving "you notice as required by law.

"Overdraft fees apply to overdrafts created by check," "in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other " electronic means.

For unauthorized Visa Check Card transaction(s) and "upon notification from the cardholder to the bank, we" will credit your account within 5 business days rather than the requirement of 10 business days.

Account Research  $20 per hour
ATM/Debit Card Replacement Fee  $5 per card
Cashier's Checks  $3.00
Check Cashing for Non-Customers  $1.00 per $100.00
Collections $15.00
Dormant Fee  $3.00 per month if the balance is $100 or less and no activity or other indications in writing of interst in the account during the previous 2 years.
Garnishment Fee  $35.00
IRA Administration Fee  $25.00 per customer
IRA Administration Fee  $3.00 to close account
Mobile Deposit  $5.00 per month (waived with e-statements)
Money Order Fee  $1.00
Night Deposit Lock Bag  $25.00
Overdraft (OD)/Nonsufficient Funds (NSF) Item  $25.00 per item (up to $75.00)
Charge Back Item Fee  $3.00 per item
Temporary Checks  $5.00 per set of 24, printed onsite
Safe Deposit Box Rent  $9.00 - $100 annual fee depending on the size of the box
Statement Copy Fee  $5.00 per statement
Statement to Alternative Address  $5.00 per statement per month
Stop Payment Fee  $15.00 per item
Tax Levy Fee  $35.00
Wire Fee Incoming: FREE
  Outgoing: $15.00 per wire
  Foregin: $50.00 per wire
Business Merchant Check Capture  $5.00 per file
Business ACH Payroll  $5.00 per file
Kasasa Executive Package- 'Kasasa Club'  Includes: 5 Money orders per month
                   25 Copies/faxes per month
                   2 Boxes of standard checks per year
                   In-branch statement printing
Kasasa Protect  $8.00 for Kasasa Account
   $10.00 for Regular Checking
  Includes: 24/7 credit monitoring
                 Alerts and notifications
                 24/7 dark web monitoring
Agriculture and Commerical Loans Document/Origination Fees
                 $100 fee for Loans Less Than $1,000,000   
                 $300 fee for Loans Greater Than $1,000,000
Consumer Loans Document/Orignation Fees
                 $25 fee for Loans Less Than $5,000
                 $50 fee for Loans Greater Than $5,000

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