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Alva State Bank & Trust Company
Account Fees
  Overdraft and insufficient checks (per check) $20.00  
Stop Payment Request (per request) $10.00
Money Order (each) $ 1.00
FAX Charge (per page) $ 1.00
Wire Fees - Incoming Free
  Outgoing $12.50
  (Non-customer wires payable upon proper identification $12.50 or 1% whichever is greater)
Printed Checks depends on style & quantity
Check Cashing for Non - customers $1.00 per $100.00
Copies for Customers up to 10 per day Free
  Copies for Non-customers (per page) $ 0.10
Collections (each) $5.00
Garnishment Fee $25.00
Tax Levy Fee $10.00
Account Research (per hour) $20.00
Notary Fees Free
Dormant Fee
"(per month if balance is $100.00 or less, if there is no" activity or other indication in writing of interest in the account during the previous six months)

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IRA Administration Fee (to close account only) $25.00
Safe Deposit Box Rent (annual fee) $9.00 to $100.00
  Forced Entry and New Lock $100.00
Travelers Checks $1.00 per $100.00 (single signature)
  $1.75 per $100.00
(dual signature)
Escrow Fees $150.00 minimum
Escrow Deposits $3.00
ATM Card Fee (Initial Issuance) $1.00 per card
ATM Card (replacement Card) $5.00 per card
ATM Inquiry Fee ~ (Terminal other than Alva State Bank) $1.00 each

Additional charges may apply to accounts when an electronic fund transfer would cause the account to exceed its withdrawal limitations. The Bank reserves the right to make future changes in Deposit account "and/or Card(s) service charges, subject to our giving "you notice as required by law.

"Overdraft fees apply to overdrafts created by check," "in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other " electronic means.

For unauthorized Visa Check Card transaction(s) and "upon notification from the cardholder to the bank, we" will credit your account within 5 business days rather than the requirement of 10 business days.


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