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Condensed Statement of Condition
Alva, Oklahoma

at the close of business June 30, 2011


Loans & Discounts (including overdrafts) $ 129,168,904.89
U.S. Government Obligations & Municipal Bonds   49,881,075.20
Fed Funds Sold   6,900,000.00
Cash & Due From Banks   7,882,691.73
Total Cash Resources   64,663,755.93
Bank Building & Equipment   106,886.54
Other Assets $ 4,631,350.38
Total Assets $ 198,570,908.74
Liabilities & Capital
Capital Stock $ 127,800.00
Surplus   6,000,000.00
Undivided Profits   26,726,451.12
Stockholder Equity   32,854,251.12
Market to Market Adjustment   1,011,996.79
Other Reserves   2,139,879.50
Primary Capital Accounts   36,006,127.41
Fed Funds Purchased   0.00
Deposits   155,122,666.18
Other Liabilities $ 7,442,115.15
Total Liabilities and Capital $ 198,570,908.74

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Alva State Bank & Trust Company
Officers, Directors, Employees
Peggy J. Wisdom,MD
Chairman of the Board

Kenneth Schultz

Jerry Garrison
Executive Vice President

Brad Boeckman
Branch Mgr, Sr. Vice President

Chris Thomas
Sr. Vice President

Melissa Harzman
Vice President/Controller

Mike Martin
Agri-Rep, Vice President

Mary Whittenberg
Vice President

Elaine Graybill
Vice President

Vilene Hansen
Vice President

Shelly Cushenbery
Assít Vice President
Tina Shafer
Assít Vice President

Beverly Hankey
Branch Mgr, Assít Vice President

Todd Holder

Karen Thomas
Assít Cashier

Dianne Burris
Assít Cashier

William Dimmick
Assít Cahier

Debbie White
Compliance Officer

Lee Brandt

Robert Boeckman

William A. Hadwiger,
Atty Director

Alva Employees:

Enid Employees:

Burlington Employees:

Bryant Gingirich
Debra Schultz
Marilyn Corr
Leah Boham
Debbie Brown
Chaunce Schultz
Heather Buckley
Lexie Cooper
Magen Shelton
Brooke Pingelton
Taryn Williams
Julia Lee
Mary Shafer                                     
Linda Hayes
Pattie Silver
Heather Luthi
Myrtle Atkinson
Carol Silvers
Chad McManus
Janet Maltbie
Hannah Alley

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